Leading the enterprise software management revolution.

Through our innovation in automation, we have radically changed the way you transform and manage your enterprise systems.

Your enterprise portfolio is a challenge to manage and maintain:

High costs
Business risks
Long timelines
Security issues
Degrading quality
Aging infrastructure

smartShift’s unique, patented automation technology will help you dramatically reduce the risks, costs, quality issues and cycle times (from years to weeks) associated with complex IT transformations.

We help organizations like yours optimize customized systems with a variety of transformations, including on-premise to cloud, relational data to big data and platform-to-platform.

We offer our customers service-level assurance that their code and configuration will be:

Free from known issues in the code base
In compliance with industry and platform best practices
Aligned to conventions and optimized for maintenance ease
Always compatible with vendor versions and upgrades
Designed to easily move between platforms and configurations

Whatever challenges your enterprise is facing, smartShift’s technology-enabled services and expert team will transform your enterprise rapidly, predictably, and accurately.

Get clean

  • Lower your enterprise TCO
  • Modernize core systems and optimize application performance
  • Retire old and expensive systems and hardware
  • Consolidate and integrate for mergers and acquisitions
  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Leverage big data

Stay clean

  • Reduce "lights-on" IT resource burden
  • Maintain portability for your key systems
  • Migrate to customized, more efficient infrastructure
  • Ensure ongoing standards compliance
  • Improve development team effectiveness

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smartShift revolution

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