Bastian • 3 Mar 2017
automation, IT, Outsourcing
“We will not survive if we remain in the constricted space of doing as we are told, depending solely on cost arbitrage. If we don’t we will be made obsolete by the tidal wave of automation and technology-fuelled transformation that is almost upon us.” – Vishal Sikka,...
Ory Zurr
Ory Zurr • 27 Feb 2017
3P, Implementation, project management
Last week, in a meeting with a client, we were asked to recommend an implementation approach for an SAP conversion to HANA and give an estimation upfront of the resourcing needed. We centered the discussion by explaining the benefits of conducting a Proof of Concept to...
Bastian • 10 Feb 2017
automation, HANA, IT, S/4
“First the machines will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligent. That should be positive if we manage it well. A few decades after that though the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern.” (1) – Bill Gates While artificial intelligence is all...
Ory Zurr
Ory Zurr • 30 Jan 2017
agile, automation, Transformation
Research shows that roughly 80 percent of IT resources go to the maintenance of IT operations and systems. Modernizing IT in any sector is widely perceived as not easy and expensive, but the risks of holding onto legacy systems are many. While companies are striving to...
Bastian • 24 Jan 2017
automation, HANA, S/4, Sandbox
“There is nothing wrong with having other priorities than to convert to SAP S/4HANA, but the lack of information or even wrong facts about it shouldn’t be the reason.” - HassoPlattner, SAP, November 30, 2015 More than a year after HassoPlattner’s statement, it still...
Ory Zurr
Ory Zurr • 19 Dec 2016
Factory model, HANA Migration, Repeatability
Most companies face the continuous challenge of modernizing their portfolio of applications. IT managers are constantly innovating to find better, faster and cheaper ways to maintain and manage IT assets. Especially platform migrations and upgrades can be complex, but...
Ory Zurr
Ory Zurr • 23 Nov 2016
Distributed development, Dual maintenance, retrofit
SAP systems are often mission critical. They support ongoing core operations of the companies that rely on them.These companies need to be able to support their production systems at all times, which includes addressing critical bugs and urgent enhancements in a timely...
Ory Zurr
Ory Zurr • 24 Oct 2016
HANA, In-memory, mobile
SAP HANA is an in-memory product, designed to take advantage of the hardware advances of the last decades. SAP’s architecture has been renewed by moving the data management system from disk storage to the main memory of the server. Thismechanism eliminates seek time...
Ory Zurr
Ory Zurr • 26 Sep 2016
automated code deactivation, maintenance costs, unused code
Most SAP systems contain an extraordinary amount of customizations, which are typically the result of many years of maintenance, enhancements, and upgrades. Customizations are typically designed to support a specific business process. As business processes...
Ory Zurr
Ory Zurr • 31 Aug 2016
automation, enterprise software, transformational projects
When your ERP software supplier provides an upgrade or enhancement, or the business demands new functionality only available in a new release, how do you organize the migration of your many customizations? Most companies start a manual migration process with a time...