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Cloud Services

Transformation Services

Our Cloud Transformation services can help you by designing and developing infrastructure solutions for your application or service to be hosted in the cloud. We have been performing cloud transformations to the public cloud since 2008 – less than 2 years after the founding of Amazon Web Services. Our Transformation team is comprised of cloud architects, devops experts, system administrators, and cloud project orchestrators across the world who’s experience can help ensure your move to the cloud is easy and secure.

Our transformation services, which can be applied to public, private and hybrid cloud environments, include:

  • Migration from an on-premise or private cloud infrastructure otherwise known as “lift and shift”
  • Modernization and optimization of cloud architecture
  • Application and services integration


Get the most our of your cloud with our Cloud Consulting services. The shift to cloud is often cumbersome with many users left marginally harnessing the full power of their new platform. Here are some common service requests from our team:

  • Automation Services
  • Cost Reduction – efficiency analysis of cloud usage
  • Service Orchestration
  • Cloud Readiness Assessments



DevOps in today’s world isn’t just a skillset but an entire reorganization of business and technical structure that in turn helps advance business goals faster. DevOps must provide automation services for testing developed code for better results, manage releases and automate application deployments however the customization of those solutions is what makes it effective for an organization. That’s where we come in.

Our DevOps Team provides services like CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Development) and develops solutions to automate the management of Cloud resources. We work closely with client infrastructure and development teams to help achieve a perfect workflow that is automated and easily manageable. Our DevOps services include the following:

  • Platform Creation and Configuration Management
  • Build and Release Management
  • Application Configuration and Validation
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Test and Deployment Automation
  • Performance Management


24/7 Managed Services

Our Cloud Managed Services (CMS) team is designed to help you achieve the most out of your remote infrastructure without disrupting your core business. Sleep soundly through 3am outages as our 24/7 expert team will act quickly but more importantly prevent dozens of others.

How can our CMS be useful to you?

  • Monitor all pieces of your cloud or hybrid infrastructure with advanced workflows that automatically identify and fix issues before they occur
  • Expand or reduce your cloud footprint with ease
  • Focus on application development and let us handle environments and assist in quick and painless releases
  • Secure your cloud through tools and manual efforts that run 24/7
  • Manage your cloud billing and keep costs low through regular architecture and usage reviews

Our team unique in that we run a shared managed services team. This allows us to give economies of scale benefits to customers while maintaining a very versatile team of engineers. Currently we manage the infrastructure of clients in a diverse array of industries including: healthcare, finance, eccommerce, education, and more. Our setup also allows for affordable options for any size customer be it a single instance mail server or a 5,000 server setup across multiple regions and environments.

Our team is trained on multiple cloud platforms and dozens of technologies to support the shared model. This gives us a unique edge when identifying issues and debugging infrastructure problems as our cross-domain team works closely together to provide solutions quickly.


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