Optimize the management of your enterprise software systems

We strongly believe in the value of integrated automation transformation and systems management. When you join our customer community, we provide service level agreements that give you guaranteed budget, quality and time-to-delivery commitments. And we pledge to assist you with keeping your information systems clean for as long as you wish.We will perform periodic health checks on your systems. As the enterprise technology landscape continues to evolve, our experts guide you with advice and important alerts so you can benefit from our constant technology refinements. As a member of our customer community, it’s also your voice that helps determine our research and development priorities at smartShift.

Get Clean

We begin by performing deep, code-line-level analysis to evaluate an important variety of factors, risks and issues. We realize that the customer experience we offer is unique, so findings and strategic recommendations are delivered to you in a consultative session.

Here are a few examples of how smartShift can help you solve your transformation and management challenges:

  • Move from legacy hardware and software to the Cloud
  • Leverage big data
  • Improve systems performance
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Ensure compliance with vendor and industry standards
  • Navigate merger and acquisition driven consolidations
  • Address other system landscape changes
Over the past two years, we have analyzed over 500 million lines of code and performed automated remediation on nearly 350 million lines of code for our customers.


Stay Clean

We offer two models that preserve the clean, modern systems we deliver with each transformation project.

We Clean: Concierge Service
We provide ongoing management for your systems, guaranteeing quality and modernity throughout the enterprise lifecycle.
You Clean: smartDevelop Tool
Client developer teams can apply our analytical and transformation technology to their ongoing development efforts and subscribe to smartDevelop, our SaaS-based solution.

In both models, we ensure effective usage/adoption and provide standard benchmarking/measurement to help you monitor adoption and provide any other support necessary to achieve successful business outcomes.

smartShift’s Customer Commitment

Our goal is to always deliver successful customer outcomes for each and every project. To achieve this, all projects are executed based on industry standards and required best practices for your business. We assure the integrity of our work during the complete project delivery and service lifecycle. All projects are fully insured throughout the process and we provide complete confidentiality and protection of all intellectual property.

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