Modernize your application landscape: Minimize Risk, Maximize performanceModern Systems empowers IT efficiency, agility and competitive advantage through core application modernization. Our solutions facilitate the transition from legacy systems to modern environments that leverage cloud, in-memory, data warehousing, business intelligence and agile development methodologies.

Over 20 yrs ago our founders built smartShift’s patented code refactoring and transformation engine which was immensely flexible in terms of starting and ending language or platform as we helped customers modernize and de-risk their custom landscapes. While over the past few yrs we have invested heavily in SAP, allowing us to build a robust ruleset with automation rates in the high 90%, we are also focused on helping our customers solve their most challenging legacy modernization projects.

So while the flexibility of our transformation engine can help us partner with you and solve any of your application modernization problems, here some specific examples of areas we are currently partnering with some of our customers in solving their key problems:

Any-platform to HANA

Leverage the power of your HANA database to modernize custom applications built on top of multiple types of databases, such as Teradata and Sybase. More and more customers are realizing automation is the only way to migrate to a modern database and application layer without risking loss of critical business functionality and safeguard your investment. Additionally our automation reduces risk and accelerates project timelines, and gives you the benefit of leveraging our HANA performance optimization algorithms to ensure the transformed code maximizes the benefits of HANA.

Legacy Modernization

smartShift core technology transformation platform has been used over the past 20 years to transform to and from over 20 different languages including Mainframes/Cobol, moving to modern client/server architectures, moving to the cloud, moving to modern database and application languages like Java, C, etc. So whatever legacy application/platform you want to transform the powerful smartShift engine can help make it simple, standard and modern.

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