Moving Automation Beyond Manufacturing to Managing SAP

May 12. 2017 –BOSTON MA — smartShift Technologies is pleased to announce a multi-year collaboration with BMW Group in which they will use smartShift’s Automation platform to automate the digital transformation and management of BMW Group´s global portfolio of ERP systems.

The core of BMW’s applications is built on SAP with a global portfolio of over 80 critical systems on the SAP platform. BMW is combining a Dev Ops mindset and agile approach with best-in-class Tooling and Automation software to allow for standardization, modernization and consolidation of their SAP portfolio. The collaboration is designed to allow any BMW SAP system to go through major change events re-platforming to SAP systems based on SAP HANA, digital transformations to SAP S/4HANA, consolidation, and standardization in a completely predictable, automated and lean manner. A key goal of the initiative is to provide the highest possible automation rates while also contemplating a wide variety of requirements and future scenarios. BMW has selected smartShift Technologies as a provider for automated SAP transformations.

Working with smartShift, BMW has developed an internal Service Level Agreement where any SAP system can be refactored using 1.000+ automation algorithms with guaranteed quality levels, and delivery within 2 weeks. Use cases include:

  • Compatibility and performance optimization for SAP systems based on SAP HANA
  • Compatibility with SAP S/4HANA architecture
  • Simplification of redundant or unused code
  • Compliance with rigorous security, performance and stability standards

BMW Group has also designed processes into the program integrating SAP solution manager and other tooling to optimize processes including System Analysis, Code Branching and Testing Optimization to streamline all aspects of modernizing and managing its SAP portfolio.

When asked about the collaboration, Stefan Hetges, CTO and Founder of smartShift Technologies commented “As a German engineer, being selected by BMW Group as Automation provider for SAP transformations is extremely exciting for me and my team. We are very proud to be part of this visionary initiative.”


About smartShift Technologies

smartShift is the leader in bringing agility and predictability to enterprise technology using a patented automation suite to update software systems to perform optimally in a cloud and big data world. The huge changes in cost and delivery models of computing capability, software and storage are forcing enterprise IT organizations to choose between the expensive and risky proposition of maintaining legacy technologies or the expensive and risky proposition of replacing those systems with new technologies.

smartShift uses patented Automation technology to perform service level guaranteed fixed fee (for one time) and managed service (for ongoing portability) programs to modernize enterprise software including:

  • Swapping out key technology layers such as Database, OS and Middleware
  • Optimizing for Cloud computing through scaling, orchestration and security
  • Changing programming languages
  • Reducing custom code dependencies by mapping standard application features
  • Consolidating instantiated systems

Using automation to replace human labor results in savings from 50-90% of effort, significantly reduces overall program timeframes and results in significantly more predictable quality. smartShift has invested over 25 years into its IP, across 750 projects, converting over 2 billion lines of code, moved over 40 customers to public cloud and automated transformation of over 25 discrete technology platforms.

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