Privacy Policy

smartShift Technologies is extremely sensitive to the privacy concerns of those who visit our website. Our goal is to establish trust with our visitor and customer community.

Because of this, we do not load cookies on your machine that identify you in any way other than an IP address or a unique URL. We do use tracking cookies to help us learn about how our visitors move throughout our site. This information helps us to continue to improve our site and visitor experiences. When a visitor registers with us for any reason, we use server side variables to store contact data. This prevents our visitors from having to fill out their contact information more than once.

This information remains the sole property of smartShift Technologies. We will not share, sell, or distribute this private information to anyone outside our organization without prior authorization.

smartShift’s website contains links to other websites. smartShift is not responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of other websites, nor do we take any responsibility for third-party opinions expressed on or through our website.

If you feel that this policy has been violated in any way, or you would like to tell us your thoughts on this policy, please contact us.