SAP ABAP - Associate Software Engineer
Company Description

smartShift Technologies is a business transformation company with experience in transforming and managing hundreds of mission critical applications of market-leading organizations of all sizes – early stage start-ups, mid-market enterprises and Fortune 1000 corporations. We are leading the enterprise software management revolution. Through our innovation in automation, we have radically changed the way companies transform and manage their enterprise systems. We have proprietary technology in automated code transformation that has been utilized in SAP to revolutionize updates to Fortune 500 companies. We also deliver large scale cloud transformation projects along with continued managed services in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other leading cloud technologies.

Our working culture combines the meritocratic approach of responsibility and compensation with swarm intelligence: we work as one team concentrating on deliverables under situational leadership. At smartShift our customers are in the center of our activities and we take the risk to get actual results for them. We live in an open and transparent culture which means we are honest with ourselves. Nevertheless, each team member embodies and appreciates accountability and reliability following the principle “I will be the change I seek”.

At smartShift, you will have the opportunity to work in a unique startup atmosphere – learning something new every day while still experiencing top of the line delivery. We like to dress casual, work smart, and constantly challenge the status quo. smartShift Technologies is headquartered in Boston (USA), with offices in Bengaluru (India), and Mannheim (Germany).

We are an ISO 2001-2013 compliant organization and emphasize on information security of our clients.

Job Description

smartShift Technologies is looking for an SAP ABAP – Associate Software Engineer to join our team in India.

  • Basic ABAP Development and Support
  • Develop and Modify report programs, function modules, class/methods
  • Perform Syntax Check, use Code Inspector, Extended program check and fix the issues
  • Understand smartShift Tools for Upgrade and Learn Best practices in ABAP Development process
Skills & Experience
  • Understand basic Database concepts and work with Dictionary objects like Tables, Data Elements, Domains, Search Helps, Table Maintenance
  • Work with SAP Workbench ( SE38 / SE80 ) for creating Programs, Function Groups, Classes
  • Follow SAP development guidelines using Code Inspector / Extended program check
    • 5 to 12 months of ABAP Training with a verifiable ABAP “Certification” Or Minimum 1.5 years of ABAP Teaching experience Or 12 months of experience in ABAP Development project
  • BE/MCA or equivalent area
  • 0 to 1 years of ABAP Experience
Bengaluru, India