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SAP landscape transformation and management that is truly simpleOver the past 10+ years, smartShift has delivered more than 700 projects to over 200 customers, and steadily built and refined a technology platform that has grown into the modern approach to SAP enterprise software management. Whether you are looking to consolidate your mission critical SAP systems or take advantage of new business functionality or performance gains in the newest version, custom code can be a roadblock when considering the expense, time, and risk of a manual solution. There is an alternative – leverage smartShift’s patented automation to transform your hard-to- manage custom code so that it behaves just like your standard SAP code. smartShift’s technology enabled services are uniquely designed to leverage the power of our automation engine without requiring internal enablement on a new tool.

Our SAP solutions specifically focus of helping you achieve a truly simple, standard and modern system landscape because of the following:

  • Simple: Reduce upto 50% of your custom code base, while maintaining all your used functionality!
  • Standard: Leverage over 200 automated algorithms to align to SAP, Industry and your own coding standards.
  • Modern: HANA, Big Data, Cloud, IoT etc. no matter what your future roadmap looks like, your system will be ready to take full advantage of those innovations.

Since our analysis covers the entire system, we are able to provide 100% predictable and accurate project plans, rather than estimates. And, because our analysis is fully automated, we can deliver it to our clients nearly immediately. With every issue, defect and migration automation level specified, smartShift service level agreements guarantee budget, quality, and time-to- delivery commitments. In the last 2 years, smartShift has analyzed over 500 million lines of code, and performed automated remediation on nearly 350 million lines of code.

A typical project will require you to partner with us closely in sharing your roadmap and ideal end state and we can map out a precise plan and timelines. You will leverage our secure self service portal to share your code base as a transport. We will simply analyze and refactor that code using our automated toolsets and specialized architects to deliver your ideal landscape.

Our partnership goes beyond just the delivery of the clean code, we will work with you through go- live of the overall project and beyond in the form of quarterly health checks where we run a free analysis and present to you a state of the system.

HANA Migration

HANA is truly the promiseland for all SAP customers today and for good reason as performance and complexity are amongst the biggest challenges that most of our SAP customers. The journey to HANA may seem complex – involving upgrades to get to the latest version with Unicode enabled, consolidations of distributed systems back into a single environment, and then optimizing the custom code to run efficiently and effectively on HANA. While SAP has re-written a lot of the standard application code to take advantage of the columnar database that is HANA, there is no standard tool from SAP to transfor your custom code which powers a lot of your mission critical processes. smartShift’s Automated Code Transformation takes the complexity out of that journey, accelerating your time to a consolidated and high performing HANA environment and reducing the risk of project delays and cost overruns associated with a manual approach. smartShift's automation will protect the investment you have made in customizing your SAP system while allowing you to modernize and explore future innovations such as S/4 HANA and beyond.

Unicode and Version Upgrade

smartShift’s automated SAP Upgrade and Unicode offering delivers a smooth upgrade and Unicode enablement with no disruption in the functionality of our clients’ custom applications. Our approach dramatically reduces the time (delivering in days or weeks what would take months of manual effort) and eliminates the unpredictability of these projects. Beyond the required changes we include targeted optimization using our code-line- level analysis also enables the automated detection and correction of a wide variety of issues, including run-time errors, obsolete coding structures and objects, security issues (e.g., missing authority checks), the identification of clones and modified standard coding, and performance bottlenecks. As we focus on just the objects that are being impacted by the core project so we are able to continuously reduce your TCO without requiring additional testing.

EhP Upgrade

smartShift provides one-time or ongoing(EhP factory upgrade model) no disruption EhP upgrades that ensure that any adjustments required as a result of the EHP and/or SPS are made to the custom objects. We are ready to deliver those changes within 2 weeks of general availability of a new EhP version from SAP. Includes targeted optimization and health checks to help you continuously improve your code health and reduce TCO.

System Consolidation

Business-driven changes such as mergers, divestitures, the restructuring of business organizations, business process optimization, and reduction of IT-complexity can drive the need to optimize or harmonize system landscapes in order to reduce TCO and maximize business efficiency. Optimizing your system landscape to match your changing business needs and advancements in technology can be a challenging endeavor, whether you are looking to consolidate multiple systems or split a system as a result of a divestiture. smartShift has implemented innovative solutions to analyze the impact of these events on ABAP repositories and automate required transformations. The services include: model-based consolidation analysis to identify repository conflicts during the system merge, rule-based conflict resolution (e.g. through automated object cloning), automated detection and replacement of hard-coded literals, like company codes, automated object transfer including complete object hierarchies including re-naming and refactoring of objects

Other Services:

Code Reduction: Many of our customers had a lot of technical debt in the form of unused code (upto 50%). This was code which was being maintained with a lot of money but never being used. We have a unique zero risk strategy to resolve this common but highly expensive problem. We analyze custom code usage and temporarily deactivate unused code in a way that it automatically re-activates if its ever called during regular system usage. After doing this for a significant period of time we eventually get rid of the truly unused code to reduce total code of ownership.

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