smartShift shares HANA Migration success story with customer @ DSAG Technology Days (Feb 16-17)

One of the biggest global conglomerates which is key smartShift customer has successfully migrated one of their core systems to SAP HANA leveraging smartShift’s transformation technology. Like many of SAP’s customers today, this was a highly customized ECC 6 on Oracle system to a Suite on HANA migration project.

The core customer drivers for this transformation were around modernization from a technology standpoint but more importantly improving performance from a business standpoint. Due to the performance potential of HANA’s in-memory technology the critical system was chosen to be a part of this HANA journey. And smartShift was chosen to partner on their journey to a simple, standard and modern landscape because of our unique automated remediation technology and years of experience executing such SAP transformation projects.

As a part of this transformation journey, smartShift focused on the following:

  • Enable and optimize the customization for SAP HANA environment
  • Ensure compliance on the new system
  • Automated identification and remediation of all issues

smartShift’s engine identified and helped automate the highly complex transformation which included remediating 10,000+ issues and optimizing 5,000+ objects. As it relates to performance optimization objective of the project, obviously HANA itself has a positive impact on the processes, but due to smartShift transformation there was up to 19X Performance improvement on top of HANA for certain processes.

Other key highlights for this project include:

  • Service delivered in 2 weeks
  • Code freeze reduced to 4 days instead of expected 6 weeks (-90%)
  • Reduced testing effort & re-work by 40% due to minimal issues
  • No project risk – fix time, fix price service

Overall the project was highly successful and enabled the customer’s internal teams to focus on bigger priorities and letting the smartShift’s patented technology do the heavy lifting on this critical component of their HANA journey.

If you want to learn more about this and other smartShift capabilities join us at “DSAG Technology Days” at Hamburg on Feb 16-17, 2016. We will be talking about this success in detail with the customer at the event.
Please feel free to leverage this opportunity to setup a 1X1 with our SAP and HANA experts who will be on-site to understand better how you can execute your SAP HANA journey. Click here to request a 1X1 appointment at the event.

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