Symmetry™ and smartShift Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize SAP HANA® Migrations

Symmetry™ and smartShift Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize SAP HANA® Migrations

Combination of smartShift’s patented migration automation technology and Symmetry’s SAP cloud hosting and application management expertise streamlines digital transformations for enterprise IT

BROOKFIELD, Wis. and BOSTON, Nov. 7,  2017 /PRNewswire/ — Symmetry and smartShift Technologies today announced a strategic partnership designed to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk for enterprises migrating their mission-critical SAP environments to SAP HANA in the cloud. Combining smartShift’s automated code analysis, remediation and migration technology with Symmetry’s SAP-optimized cloud hosting platform and application management services enables enterprises to migrate from legacy, on-premises SAP deployments to SAP HANA in the cloud – typically in a matter of weeks.

Under terms of the partnership, smartShift is able to resell Symmetry’s SAP-optimized cloud hosting and related services to its customers as part of its “ONE by smartShift” offering that gives customers the simplicity of a one solution, one vendor, one bill offering. In addition, Symmetry can offer its customers smartShift’s automation technology and migration expertise to help analyze, diagnose and optimize their code base and SAP environment before migrating it to Symmetry’s cloud hosting platform. For enterprises seeking a predictable transition to HANA with greater time-to-value, Symmetry and smartShift have de-risked the investment by combining agile development principles with automation and expertise for a clear and fast transformation path that doesn’t require massive up-front fees.

“Enterprise migrations to SAP HANA have stalled because companies feel they have no other option than what the global consulting firms and system integrators are telling them – that it will take years, require an army of consultants and cost millions,” said Seth Henry, CEO of smartShift. “By leveraging our code remediation and migration capabilities along with Symmetry’s SAP-optimized hosting platform and technical managed services, together we can transform an enterprise to a digital SAP environment for a significant reduction in cost and in a matter of weeks. More importantly, for ongoing SAP infrastructure and code management, we absolutely crush competitors by delivering far greater value with much less up-front risk.”

The two companies will soon complete a successful migration for Nilfisk, a large multinational industrial equipment manufacturer.  Nilfisk has engaged smartShift Technologies to use its “ONE by smartShift” cloud offering to migrate and run SAP Suite on HANA and SAP Business Warehouse on HANA on Symmetry’s SAP-optimized cloud hosting platform.

“For accelerating SAP HANA migrations, smartShift is the ideal partner. Their analysis and diagnostic tools provide an easy roadmap for the migration from on-premises or legacy hosted infrastructure to our cloud hosting platform that is tuned to the scale, elasticity and performance requirements of global SAP deployments – all delivered in weeks and at a fraction of the cost and complexity,” said Symmetry Chairman and CEO Pete Stevenson. “Whether you’re seriously exploring a HANA migration, or experiencing performance issues with your SAP code base or legacy infrastructure, smartShift can stop the finger pointing and guesswork and together we can migrate you to Symmetry’s modern, digital SAP environment.”

About Symmetry

SymmetryTM is a leading applications management and hybrid cloud hosting solution provider with deep expertise in SAP application management. An SAP partner since 2005, Symmetry is certified in SAP Hosting, Cloud and SAP HANA® Operations. As a true extension of your IT team, Symmetry places a laser focus on the customer’s experience and offers highly flexible, tailored solutions to meet the unique business needs of enterprise clients. Symmetry supports global enterprises across all industries through a customer centric high-touch approach that delivers deep technical expertise combined with scalable, redundant, high availability cloud infrastructure supported by a 24x7x365 operations support model. With a long history and proven methodology for delivering hybrid solutions comprised of managed private cloud hosting infrastructure with enterprise application management services, Symmetry delivers IT solutions that help reduce the total cost of ownership and maximize the performance and security of our customers’ most mission critical systems.  Learn more at

About smartShift

smartShift is the leader in bringing agility and predictability to enterprise technology using a patented automation suite to update software systems to perform optimally in a cloud and big data world. The huge changes in cost and delivery models of computing capability, software and storage are forcing enterprise IT organizations to choose between the expensive and risky proposition of maintaining legacy technologies or the expensive and risky proposition of replacing those systems with new technologies.

smartShift uses patented Automation technology to perform service level guaranteed fixed fee (for one time) and managed service (for ongoing portability) programs to modernize enterprise software including:

  • Swapping out key technology layers such as Database, OS and Middleware
  • Optimizing for Cloud computing through scaling, orchestration and security
  • Changing programming languages
  • Reducing custom code dependencies by mapping standard application features
  • Consolidating instantiated systems
  • Transforming and Migrating SAP systems to HANA

Using automation to replace human labor results in savings from 50-90% of effort, significantly reduces overall program timeframes and results in significantly more predictable quality. smartShift has invested over 25 years into its IP, across 750 projects, converting over 2 billion lines of code, moved over 40 customers to public cloud and automated transformation of over 25 discrete technology platforms. SAP will gain tremendous competitive advantage by expanding within its customer base using smartShift technology and expertise.


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